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Jewel Brite

Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Storage Bags-3 Pack

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Keep your jewelry from becoming dull and tarnished by storing your items in a sealed and treated bag. 

Each bag is made from 5 mil thick PET to keep out air and moisture, with a metalized backing to increase protection while still being able to see the contents. Features an airtight resealable zipper, and is also heat sealable. 

Inside each bag is 2 1"x1" anti tarnish tabs that will treat 30 cubic inches for up to 1 year each (longer when sealed in the bags). The anti-tarnish tabs are made from a polymer copper matrix that bonds to the tarnish causing sulfur gasses.

  • Non-abrasive
  • No offgassing
  • Color changes to brown to indicate replacement

The bags with the tabs create a simple, highly effective environment to prevent both tarnish and oxidation and keep your jewelry looking great long term, so you can where it when you want without finding a degraded appearance.


Includes: 3 bags (inside dimensions 3.5"x4.5") containing 2 1"x1" anti-tarnish tabs each.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Carolyn Thomas
jewelry looks new

Works nicely to clean tarnished silver rings and bracelets.

Janice G Canto
Tarnish bags

Haven't tried them but sure they work well like all your products