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Jewelry Cleansing Foamer 1.7 oz

Jewelry Cleansing Foamer 1.7 oz

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The Cleansing Foamer makes it easy to clean and shine your jewelry whenever and wherever. It also doubles as an anti-fog cleaner for glasses and screens.

For use on: fine jewelry, silver jewelry, antique jewelry, and costume jewelry.

Safe for porous and soft stones including: opals, pearls, coral, turquoise, jade, lapis, and tanzanite.

  • Contains no ammonia, acid or alcohol
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Anti-fog & anti-static treatment for glass or plastic

Simply apply the foam directly to the jewelry, give it a few moments to gently cleanse away the residues, rinse and dry.

For use on glass or plastic, apply the foam and then wipe dry with a cloth.


    • 1) Cleansing Foamer 1.7 oz