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Jewel Brite

Jewelry Cleansing Foamer 2.5 oz

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The Cleansing Foamer makes it easy to clean and shine your jewelry whenever and wherever. It also doubles as an anti-fog cleaner for glasses and screens.

For use on: fine jewelry, silver jewelry, antique jewelry, and costume jewelry.

Safe for porous and soft stones including: opals, pearls, coral, turquoise, jade, lapis, and tanzanite.

  • Contains no ammonia, acid or alcohol
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Anti-fog & anti-static treatment for glass or plastic

Simply apply the foam directly to the jewelry, give it a few moments to gently cleanse away the residues, rinse and dry.

For use on glass or plastic, apply the foam and then wipe dry with a cloth.


    • 1) Cleansing Foamer 2.5 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Olivia Burgess
    Jewel Brite is the best

    I use the foam and liquid. It has always made my jewelry shine.

    Alexandru Botnari
    Great customer service!

    Recommend the product!!!

    Carrie Zmarzly
    Carrie Ann

    This is the BEST. I have used this product for jewelry cleaning for 19 years. It is safe for nearly all jewelry and it is so safe for your jewelry that it will not harm your pearls. Silver tarnishing is obvious. Our gold tarnishes also. Clean your gold with that creamy paste and your gold will shimmer like new.
    Would not use anything else to clean my jewelry!!
    Awesome Product!!!!

    Did not work for me

    Purchased the liquid and foam cleaner and it did nothing to my sterling silver chains. I followed the instructions as stated and nothing. Thought in returning the unused bottles but per their return policy I’m responsible for shipping cost.

    Marta Coffman
    No products received!!

    Unreal!!! they want a review and no products received as of today(12/09/2020) ordered them on 11/24/2020 and no notification were they are!
    Bad service as far as I’m concerned