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Learn How To Clean and Polish Any Piece of Jewelry | Jewel Brite

  • Choosing Between One of Our Kits

    We have several different kits to choose from, and each has something different to offer. Quick rundown of each kit we offer.

  • Guide To Polishing Jewelry with Jewel Brite Polishing Cream

    Polishing is an often neglected aspect of jewelry care. This guide describes what polishing does, why it's needed, and how to use Jewel Brite Polishing Cream. With 3 different methods to achieve desired results on all surfaces. Special metal specific care instructions included.
  • Guide to Cleaning Jewelry with Jewel Brite

    Soak, Rinse, Dry, Wear  or Dip, Brush, Rinse, Dry and Wear.
  • How To Clean a Silver Chain

    Silver chains especially, and chains in general are notoriously hard to keep clean and shiny. Here's an easy way to clean and polish a silver chain.