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Miracle Cloth
Hugh K.

Does not work as well as I thought it would

Deluxe Jewelry Cleaning Kit
Judith A. Gardner
Great product

This is the best and only cleaner to use on your precious jewels. It does a great job with no damage to your jewelry. Some of the jewelry cleaner that’s out there will damage and eat into your metal. This is the best and safest to use. Lv it💕👍

Polishing Cream 1.5 oz
Dianne Berman

Best jewelry cleaner I have ever used. Delivery was efficient and fast.

I need a new brush for the liquid
I didn't get the soaking jar with brush

Love it

I think this is the cleaner I have ever used.

Great product results

My jewelry is looking like new.

Best jewelry cleaner!

This cleaner is so gentle, but does a wonderful job. I've been using nothing else for years. My husband was a lapidarist and created beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry. Just a small amount of the cream on a soft toothbrush does the trick, and it does not damage softer gem stones. It's a nice gift too!

Jewelry Cleaner Gallon
Michele Doremus

I haven't gotten my Jewel Brite to date, can you send me a tracking number. Thank you Michele

Miracle Cloth
Dorothy Poe

Miracle Cloth

The bottle came dented the box crushed i hope it dose not start to leak
Other wise good

Jewel Brite exceeds expectations!

People only comment on my jewelry after I have cleaned it or polished it with Jewel Brite products. The sparkle and shine is phenomenal! And it is quick and easy to use. For the price, just try it. It’s so much fun to have so much sparkle.

Disappointed in the results

As an estate jewelry dealer and silver I was hoping this would be the answer to my prayers as I am unable to find the best metal polish on the planet, E. T. Mish's silver cream, used in the White House for years. It did make my stainless steel sink look a little better but I feel Wrights does a better job on silver.I tried it on a mixed metal Taxco collar hoping it would get good results but it didn't do much. I wanted to return it but no returns once opened..... how do you know if you like the results without trying it?? This was a pretty expensive experiment that didn't pan out...for $45 there are better and less expensive choices out there.

Works pretty well but doesn't remove tarnish

I'm going to keep this as its non toxic but I misunderstood that it doesn't do anything for tarnished silver jewelry. It shines up gold and cleans gem stones well, including pearls. I have to clean sterling with a silver cleaner and then put it in my ultrasonic, which is quite large so this is an expensive product for me.

Great jewelry cleaner

This works great!

Best & Safest Jewelry Cleaner!

I've used this great product for several years and give it as little gifts to my 3 daughters-in-law!!

Mini Jewelry Cleaning Kit
Sharon Rubenstein

I used to buy Jewelbrite all the time when I attended the Pasadena Design Shows where I first discovered it. When I purchased it online recently I thought I was getting the same thing. Instead the bottle is less than twice its original size and so is the clay much smaller FOR THE SAME PRICE. Ripoff.

Jewel Brite cleaner

Works Great!

Best jewelry cleaner ever!

I have used this product forever! Nothing can compare, and it’s gentle but effective!

Jewelry Cleaner Half Gallon
David Christensen


Great oroduct

Great stuff

The best jewelry cleaner there is

I have had a jewelry company for 22 years and have tried every cleaner there is- jewel brite is the best. I recommend it to my customers all the time!

Best stuff I’ve ever found to clean silver without toxic fumes.

Used for years, good stuff, packaging is A LOT SMALLER NOW

I love jewel bright and my family and I have used for years. I was disappointed when I ordered this time about how much smaller the packaging is also there is no longer a basket in the cleaner.

Too smelly!

The scent on these products is so strong that I've been unable to use them due to sensitivities. The smell is very sweet and nauseating. I haven't used the cleaning products yet because I'll have to use them outdoors and it's been raining every since I got them. The strong accent should be mentioned so sensitive customers like me can decide if they want to purchase the items.

Mini Jewelry Cleaning Kit
Domonic Andrews

Mini Jewelry Cleaning Kit