Discover how your fine, silver, antique and costume jewelry can shine like new with a complete offering of cleaning, polishing and storage products.

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Disappointed I have been Buying jewel Brite for 15 years or more and I must say that at this time I am very disappointed in the sizes of everything that I received I kept the old bottles and jars and everything is at least 2 ounces smaller than it was on my last order

Jewelry cleaner

I have been using this cleaner for over 20 years, it’s the best.


I was disappointed there is not basket to put your rings in. A brush was included. I don't like to have to fish out the items from the bottom of the jar.

Great product

I have been using Jewel Brite for many years....usually buy from International Gem and Jewelry show but the booth wasn't there the last two times so I ordered online.

Best Ever

It makes all my jewelry sparkle like crazy!
This is the best cleaner I’ve ever used. First thing I do before wearing or with any new jewelry is clean with Jewel Brite. Can’t be without it.

Jewel Brite Deluxe Cleaning Kit

I have been using Jewel Brite products for probably 25 years. None Better!

Polishing Cream 32 oz
Catherine Cave

Best jewelry cleaner I have ever used!

Works well but is gentle

The jewel brite kit works very well removing tarnish from sterling silver, but is gentle on stones.

It’s the same stuff I’ve been using for about 20 years. Still good but a little disappointed that it was reduced from 2 oz to 1.5 oz.

Polishing Cream 1.5 oz
Viktoryia Jones


All good but!

The top of the bottle was cracked upon opening. It spilled. I have a picture of the crack.

The best jewelry cleaner!

I’ve been using Jewel Brite liquid cleaner for many years! It really is the easiest and the best jewelry cleaner I’ve ever used. Makes everything shiny and sparkly!

love it and missed it. it does a great job cleaning my jewerly

Mini Jewelry Cleaning Kit
Priscilla Jensen

I've used this product for at least 15 years, as have members of my family. Convenient way to clean jewelry and it does a great job. It's not toxic and will not harm your skin or your precious jewelry. I can't imagine that anyone who try will not be very satisfied.

Great Stuff

I have used Jewel Brite for almost twenty years. It always does an excellent job, and I am very pleased that the solution is safe for opal and pearl. I use Jewel Brite biodegradable tarnish remover for my silver. Also, the best ever.

Bright and Sparkling

I have used Jewel Brite for many years and it was time for a refill. It's easy to use and keeps all my jewelry beautiful, sparkling and shining.

Did not work

I threw it down my toilet. It does not work. My silver jewelry never got down to a shine.

Best Jewelry Cleaner Ever!

Purchased at a jewelry show many years ago and have been using ever since. Works better than any other jewelry cleaner on the market. Works quickly and makes everything shine.

Watch cleaning

Jar too small to soak a men's watch. Larger jar wasn't available. Perhaps a larger bristle brush works help as well. Product was fine fine for rings/jewelry.

Mini Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Jewelry Care Travel Kit
Ellen McKinley
Never Received - No Acknowledgement

My item was never received and my emails go unanaswered

5 stars

Best jewelry cleaner I’ve ever used !

Jewel Bright

I have bought your products for many many years. They are the best I have ever used and I will continue using for years to come. Thank you!!

Miracle Cloth
Adele Shafferman
Better than liquid silver polish

Not as messy as silver polish, the cloth is neater and works faster too. I give the cloths as gifts to friends who love their sparkling silver.

Great product