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Jewel brite Jewelry cleaner

Amazing. Works well on all my jewelry.

Refill is very small bottle for the money

Very small bottle for the money

Jewel Brite is the best

I use the foam and liquid. It has always made my jewelry shine.

Jewel Brite

I bought this cleaner in a half gallon cause I have a jewelry cleaning machine. It is so mild but does it ever make the jewelry sparkle. I use it all the time and love this product. I can swish and brush my stones that can't go into the ultrasonic and it is so easy on the hands and jewelry. I love my cleaner! Don't hesitate to buy it. So worth it! A+++++++

I have not yet received my order

I have not yet received my order. It has been sitting at a post office not moving for 10 days. I’ve reached out to you via email twice and you have not responded. The post office told me you marked the package first class but it’s a 5 pound package and their only first class are letters. I’m about to reverse the charge on my credit card.

Still waiting for homming pigeon to deliever.

Love the product, but...

I love your product. I first purchased it at a jewelry show. I am very disappointed in the size of your products now.

Wow! My jewelry has never looked as good cleaning from home. The amount of tarnish that I didn’t know was there was surprising. This product does what it says. Will purchase another set as a gift.

Very good product

Polishing Cream 32 oz

The quality of this silver polish out does all other competitors!

Product is Good, but has been Downsized!

I hadn’t bought this product in quite a long time. Previously I spent the same amount of money but the containers for both the cleaning paste and the liquid cleaner were larger. And the liquid included a little basket inside, which was a really nice addition. Now you get the same products, but noticeably less of them, and no internal basket, for the same amount of money. I would have paid for the larger size and the cleaning basket. This is a quality issue.

Best Ever

I’m so glad to find this product again. It’s the only one I will ever buy from now on. The other product I tried is going to be recycled with hazardous waste. Jewel Brite cleans quickly and makes my diamond sparkle like the day I got it. Thanks for this amazing product!

Such a good product

Always cleans all my jewelry, I’ve even used it on cheap jewelry and leaves it sparkling. Gifted one of my neighbors with a set.

The best jewelry cleaner!

I have used this jewelry cleaner for many years. It's the one and only I will ever use. It lasts a very long time. No harsh chemicals in the solution to damage my precious jewelry. Thank You Jewel Brite for your wonderful product.

Polishing Cream 32 oz
Angela Jeronimo
Great polish

I was not sure how good Jewel Brite would be but I polished a few items and one in particular and it was like new! So glad I found a replacement for church vessels that need to be polished. Thank you Jewel Brite!


Both cleaner work well

I love it. I use it everyday.

Good product …

Makes my jewelry brighter

Jewel Brite does a great job keeping my jewelry clean . Even works on costume jewelry !

Best Cleaner

I have ordered this jewelry cleaner several times. I really like it. Cleans very well. I like the portable sprayer and the foam cleaner. But it all works very well. I got the full set.

Works great

Deluxe cleaning kit

My daughters and I have been using this for years and keep coming back for more. Thanks for a great product. I purchased this at a gem and jewelry show and was converted .


The cleaner did wonder for as a product. I bought it for a Xmas present. The size was a good choice as well. I be placing another order soon. Thanks

Jewelry cleaner

Left my diamonds cloudy

Works great