Discover how your fine, silver, antique and costume jewelry can shine like new with a complete offering of cleaning, polishing and storage products.

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Such a good product

Always cleans all my jewelry, I’ve even used it on cheap jewelry and leaves it sparkling. Gifted one of my neighbors with a set.

The best jewelry cleaner!

I have used this jewelry cleaner for many years. It's the one and only I will ever use. It lasts a very long time. No harsh chemicals in the solution to damage my precious jewelry. Thank You Jewel Brite for your wonderful product.

Polishing Cream 32 oz
Angela Jeronimo
Great polish

I was not sure how good Jewel Brite would be but I polished a few items and one in particular and it was like new! So glad I found a replacement for church vessels that need to be polished. Thank you Jewel Brite!


Both cleaner work well

I love it. I use it everyday.

Good product …

Makes my jewelry brighter

Jewel Brite does a great job keeping my jewelry clean . Even works on costume jewelry !

Best Cleaner

I have ordered this jewelry cleaner several times. I really like it. Cleans very well. I like the portable sprayer and the foam cleaner. But it all works very well. I got the full set.

Works great

Deluxe cleaning kit

My daughters and I have been using this for years and keep coming back for more. Thanks for a great product. I purchased this at a gem and jewelry show and was converted .


The cleaner did wonder for as a product. I bought it for a Xmas present. The size was a good choice as well. I be placing another order soon. Thanks

Jewelry cleaner

Left my diamonds cloudy

Works great



Best ever cleaner for Sterling Silver!

I started using this 20 years ago. I am a retailer of sterling silver jewelry and will NOT use anything else. I recommend it to all of my customers. I can pull out a piece that is black with tarnish, and within minutes, I am wearing it! Love, love, love this product! Worth every cent!

Excellent product

I stumbled in the product 10 plus years ago, this by far the absolute fabulous product I have discovered for my jewelry. This product is worth every penny. And it lasts. I always order the biggest so I will always have some. Phenomenal results every time. Sure the cost went up, so has everything else. You decide the best or imitation? My money is on Jewel Brite!!!!!!!

Excellence in Jewelry Cleaning

I am always very happy with my Jewel Brite. The products do the job!


Polishing Cream 1.5 oz
Jennifer L Potter
Pretty good

I am using the polishing cream. One tip - polish with cream only without water, and it will work better. I like the small size because I don't need a large jar.

Works great good value

Highly recommend this product

Miracle Cloth
Hugh K.

Does not work as well as I thought it would

This works very well while still being mild to your Jewelry

Deluxe Jewelry Cleaning Kit
Judith A. Gardner
Great product

This is the best and only cleaner to use on your precious jewels. It does a great job with no damage to your jewelry. Some of the jewelry cleaner that’s out there will damage and eat into your metal. This is the best and safest to use. Lv it💕👍

Polishing Cream 1.5 oz
Dianne Berman

Best jewelry cleaner I have ever used. Delivery was efficient and fast.

I need a new brush for the liquid
I didn't get the soaking jar with brush