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Miracle Cloth
Adele Shafferman
Better than liquid silver polish

Not as messy as silver polish, the cloth is neater and works faster too. I give the cloths as gifts to friends who love their sparkling silver.

Great product

Did not work for me

Purchased the liquid and foam cleaner and it did nothing to my sterling silver chains. I followed the instructions as stated and nothing. Thought in returning the unused bottles but per their return policy I’m responsible for shipping cost.

Jewel Brite

Cleaned gold really well. Cleaned some silver really well but some silver, especially with marcasite, not so well. It will eat off any black patina you may have on some silver pieces so be careful.

Don’t work on mine

Purchase the cleaner in liquid and foam. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, it didn’t cleaned the silver jewelry. I used it as instructed but no results. I thought of returning the unused bottles since I bought a few but their return policy states I am responsible for shipping cost.

Jewelry cleaner

I was a bit disappointed by the jewelry cleaner. Expected more.

Miracle Cloth
Jane Mercer
Miracle rag

This is a miracle rag

Best jewelry cleaner

The best jewelry cleaner l have ever used my jewel looked like new ,


it works on all type of jewelry. very safe no matter how long you leave your in the cleaner.

Jewelry cleaner refill

This works so well. Not messy especially if you have the tray. I got my refills so fast and packed so we'll I didn't find a drop out of the bottle.
thank you

Ps please change my last name on records to Ellis.

Jewelry Cleaner Refill Bottle 6 oz


Great product for jewelry cleaning and organic too, you can use any jewelry on it.

Non-toxic cleaner safe on metal and pearl

Great polishing cream!

I first bought this polishing cream at a gem and mineral show and noticed what a great job it did and how mild it was on the hands. So glad I found it again!

Love the this kit!

I love these products! Non-toxic, gentle enough for gemstones, and it cleans great? What more could I want? As a small business jewelry maker, I will be recommending Jewel Bright products to all my customers.

Never received the product. Waiting over 3 weeks

Would have given 0 stars if I could have. Over 3 weeks and still haven’t received my order. No communication from the company. Very disappointed.

fabulous product

I have been buying Jewel Brite for years and years at various gems shows..I’m no longer going to the shows, so ordered the paste on line….however i was disappointed to see that you reduced the amount of paste in the container, but maintained the old price!

Deluxe Jewelry Cleaning Kit
Deanne Snellbaker


no basket

missing basket

Jewelry cleaner

Love, love, love this cleaner. Discovered it at a gem show many years ago. I tell people about it & the smart ones listen.


Love it and it smells nice. Older versions had a gray inside the lid to wash rings so you don’t have to fish them out of the jar. Otherwise a GREAT cleaner. Cleans fast!

Miracle Cloth

Had one years and years ago. I am happy I found them again.

This my my favorite gem cleaner, particularly to clean my pearls. Excellent & very happy with purchase.?

Good stuff!

Recently bought Jewel Brite cleaner! It's a little pricy but I have to admitt it really makes my jewelry sparkle. It works a lot better than the dawn soap I was using!