Caring for your jewelry shouldn't be complicated

That's why Jewel Brite is formulated to work on any kind of jewelry that you might own. From diamonds to pearls and everything in between. There are no harsh chemicals like ammonia, acid or alcohol to worry about exposing your jewelry to. There's also no extra products to buy, as our kits come with a polish to remove tarnish and oxidation so you can do more than clean.

  • Cleans

    Removes the built up residues caused by lotions, soaps, cosmetics, hair products, perspiration and anything else that might have made a home inside your jewelry.

  • Shines

    Clean is good, but you should get more out of a jewelry care product then you do a floor product. Jewel Brite does what it says, and makes your diamonds more brilliant, your opals radiate more fire, and improves the luster of your pearls.

  • Polishes

    Quickly and gently removes tarnish and oxidation from silver, gold & other metals with our biodegradable, non-toxic polishing cream. Use with a soft cloth or a toothbrush to polish any surface.


Plant & Mineral based, Made in America

Jewel Brite is made with biodegradable ingredients. A non-toxic and non-caustic better performing alternative to the harsh chemical cleaners that are not just bad for the environment, but for you and often your jewelry, too.

Made entirely in the USA with quality and care.