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Anti Tarnish Sponges-2 Pack

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Turn your cabinet, hutch, box, safe, or drawer into the perfect place to keep your silver free from tarnish. 

Each sponge measures only 2.5"x3.5", but thanks to its incredible surface area it can treat up to 30 cubic feet of enclosed space for up to a year by bonding with and neutralizing ambient tarnish causing sulfur gasses. 

  • Color changes from copper/brown to dull grey to indicate replacement
  • non-toxic
  • no offgassing

For larger spaces, simply use more sponges, or keep the second as a spare for when it's time to replace. Use a sealed container or enclosed space when possible to extend product lifespan.

Quit storing jewelry the wrong way and start doing it the smart way by preventing tarnish in the first place.

Clean and wipe items prior to storing them. Does not remove preexisting tarnish

Customer Reviews

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Too smelly!

The scent on these products is so strong that I've been unable to use them due to sensitivities. The smell is very sweet and nauseating. I haven't used the cleaning products yet because I'll have to use them outdoors and it's been raining every since I got them. The strong accent should be mentioned so sensitive customers like me can decide if they want to purchase the items.