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Jewel Brite

Jewelry Cleaner Half Gallon

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Jewelry Cleaner Formulated to clean all types of jewelry.

Our Jewelry Cleaner is made with natural and biodegradable ingredients to clean, shine and protect your jewelry. Gently loosens and removes build up and residue from your jewelry. Safely hydrates porous stones.

For use on: fine jewelry, silver jewelry, antique jewelry, and costume jewelry.

Safe for porous and soft stones including: opals, pearls, coral, turquoise, jade, lapis, and tanzanite.

Safe for stones that are treated, filled, included or have exposed fractures. 

  • Contains no ammonia, acid or alcohol
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Works in all types of sonic machines

Simply soak your jewelry in the cleaner, rinse and dry. For porous stones or costume jewelry (don't soak items that contain glue or paint) just dip in the cleaner, brush, rinse and dry.


    • 1) Jewelry Cleaner Half Gallon


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Margo Makowski
    Jewel Brite

    Cleaned gold really well. Cleaned some silver really well but some silver, especially with marcasite, not so well. It will eat off any black patina you may have on some silver pieces so be careful.

    Beverly Clark
    Jewelry cleaner

    I was a bit disappointed by the jewelry cleaner. Expected more.

    Ronald Sykes

    it works on all type of jewelry. very safe no matter how long you leave your in the cleaner.

    Donna Cockett

    Non-toxic cleaner safe on metal and pearl


    Works Great!!