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Jewel Brite

Deluxe Jewelry Cleaning Kit

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Complete solution for cleaning jewelry or lenses and screens. Achieve professional results at home, or on the go. Comes with a polish and a cloth so you can do more than clean.

    Our Jewelry Cleaner is made with biodegradable ingredients to clean, shine and protect your jewelry. Gently loosens and removes build up and residue from your jewelry. Safely hydrates porous stones. Formulated to clean all types of jewelry.

    For use on: fine jewelry, silver jewelry, antique jewelry, and costume jewelry.

    Safe for porous and soft stones including: opals, pearls, coral, turquoise, jade, lapis, and tanzanite.

    Safe for stones that are treated, filled, included or have exposed fractures. 

    • Contains no ammonia, acid or alcohol
    • Biodegradable and non-toxic
    • Works in all types of sonic machines

    Simply soak your jewelry in the cleaner, rinse and dry. For porous stones or costume jewelry (don't soak items that contain glue or paint) just dip in the cleaner, brush, rinse and dry.

    Our Polishing Cream removes tarnish and oxidation. Use it for gold, silver, copper, brass, bronze, chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum to restore the natural luster of the metal. Non-abrasive, will not scratch your metals or wear them down over time. It is also water-soluble so it won't get stuck inside your jewelry. Non-toxic and non-caustic. A true polish, fast-acting and gentle.

    • Apply a dab of it on a soft damp cloth to polish smooth surfaces.
    • Apply a little cream to a soft toothbrush with water to polish chains, watchbands, delicate earrings, chasing, engraving, filigree, bezels, prongs and settings.
    • Great for restoring silver sets and flatware, antiques or anything else that oxidizes or tarnishes.
      The Cleansing Foamer 2.5 oz is our newest product, and provides a quick and convenient way to keep your jewelry clean and shiny. Simply foam on, rinse off, and wear. Alternatively, you can fill the cap with foam and drop your jewelry in it for a more thorough cleaning.

        Kit also includes:

        • 2 Anti-Tarnish Tabs measuring 1”x1” to prevent silver from becoming tarnished while stored. Each tab will provide protection for 12+ months under normal conditions depending on how well sealed the container is. Each tab is sufficient for protecting approximately 30 cubic inches. Comes in a jewelry storage bag for added longevity.
        • 8"X8" Flannel cotton cloth for polishing and buffing, and surged for convenience to wash and reuse. 
        • 1 oz spray bottle (comes empty) to use the cleaner on eyeglasses, screens, lenses etc. Cleaner is anti-fog and anti-static.


        • 1) Jewelry Cleaner 4 oz with detail brush
        • 1) Polishing Cream 1.5 oz
        • 1) Jewelry Cleaner Refill Bottle 6 oz
        • 1) Cleansing Foamer 2.5 oz
        • 2) Anti-Tarnish Tabs
        • 1) Flannel Cloth
        • 1) Spray Bottle 1 oz


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 36 reviews
          Judith A. Gardner
          Great product

          This is the best and only cleaner to use on your precious jewels. It does a great job with no damage to your jewelry. Some of the jewelry cleaner that’s out there will damage and eat into your metal. This is the best and safest to use. Lv it💕👍

          Ryan Erdmann
          Great oroduct

          Great stuff


          Loved it! Makes my jewelry sparkle like new

          Alita Rethmeyer

          What happened to the little basket and brush that were in the jar that you use to soak the jewelry?

          Lana Reeves
          Size of PRODUCTS REDUCED, price increased

          Very disappointed with the size of the products. My past orders were almost 4oz larger. I didn’t pay attention to the posted size, so my fault.