Choosing Between One of Our Kits

Choosing Between One of Our Kits

Our jewelry cleaner is offered in a variety of different containers for different purposes, and available in combination with our polish as a jewelry care kit.

We have several different kits to choose from, and each has something different to offer. All kits will have everything needed to clean, shine and polish all types of jewelry.

  • With the exclusion of our Resupply Kit, each kit now comes with a cotton cloth to use with the polish and 3 1"x1" anti-tarnish poly tabs from intercept to protect your jewelry from tarnishing when stored.

Mini Kit: The most common entry point is our Mini Kit. It features a 4 oz soak jar with a basket, a brush, and a 2 oz container of our polishing cream.  This is a great place to get started.

  • Soak jar is a convenient size for keeping close at hand.
  • The tray makes it easy to retrieve items without spilling and losing cleaner. Also serves as a convenient way to rinse items when finished cleaning.
  • Each jar contains a brush for quickly removing residues from recesses of your jewelry, especially the access (hollow area underneath a stone in a setting).

Refill Kit: This is our Mini Kit plus a bottle to refill your soak jar when you've used up the cleaner in the jar. It evens out the supply of polish to cleaner so most users tend to run out of both at about the same time. You get the refill half off when purchased together with the kit.

  • Typically 1.5 to 2.5 year supply of jewelry cleaner and polish.

Deluxe Kit: Our Refill Kit plus a foamer for added convenience. The Foamer is a great portable cleaner solution, like the jar but something you can take with you.

  • Foamer pulls double duty as an eyeglass or screen cleaner, as Jewel Brite is safe on all types of glass or plastic surfaces and is anti-fog and anti-static.

Resupply Kit: Suited to someone who has already been using Jewel Brite, or has a similar soak jar type container to use. For reusing your old container you can save some money vs the Refill Kit which you could use towards something else like a Miracle Cloth or a Foamer.

Travel Kit: Is our Foamer with a 2 oz Polishing Cream. The 1.7 oz Foamer fits in a pocket, purse, toiletry bag, or center console. Both items will go through TSA screening.

  • Foamer can clean jewelry as well as eyeglasses.

Included Accessories:

Three Anti-Tarnish Poly Tabs from Intercept to prevent silver from tarnishing when being stored.

  • Each 1"x1" tab treats 30 cubic inches for up to a year or more depending on how well sealed the container is. We recommend a thick plastic bag, or sealed box. 
    • The ideal bag would be made of mylar, and the ideal box would have a rubber gasket seal.
    • The use of a sealed container also limits oxidation.
    • A desiccant also adds a level of protection, though on its own won't prevent tarnish or oxidation.

A soft cotton cloth measuring 10"x15" of a mill-end T-shirt material. They are meant to get you up and running right away.

  • There are more durable and softer fabrics available, this just serves the purpose of a middle of the road cloth that functions well as a polishing cloth with our polishing cream.
    • Washable and reusable
  • A good replacement for down the road would be a pack of cotton baby diapers available at most supermarkets, or getting a yard of brushed flannel from a fabric store.

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